Our partners

Our Partners:

Mathely Trading is proud to present a brief about some of its 12 partners in Sudan whom which they are considered playing one of the major roles in Mathely success.

EVA Pharma

 Today, Eva Pharma is the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in the MENA region, growing at a rate of more than 50% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) for the past seven years; transforming from a successful local company into a world class multinational organization, with a sales and marketing presence across the region.
Eva Pharma is an active contributor to the on-going drug industry in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East, with huge market participation. Currently, Eva Pharma consists of a team of 1700 loyal staff and produces on average 300,000 effective and affordable packs of medicine daily from 119 different products. 

Global Napi

Since its establishment in 1998, Global Napi Pharmaceuticals was self-committed to present the highest quality of medicines to the patients. A principle that challenged Global Napi to offer the competitive environment to maximize the efforts to satisfy patients,     employees, business partners, suppliers, shareholders and the whole     community.
 Website: www.globalnapi.com/

Global Pharmaceutical Industries (GPI), a sister company to GNP, was inaugurated in 2013 for production of sterile injectable products.
GPI, a state of the art manufacturing facility, is currently operating in preparation, filling and packaging of both solutions and lyophilized products. Two Production lines are available for ampoules (1-5 ml, solution or freeze-dried) and for vials (1-100 ml, solution or freeze-dried) 


Marcyrl was established since 1998 as a simple private company “Marcyrl Import & Export Company”. On Jan 17, 2002 and according to Law no. 491 /2002, Marcyrl has received Ministry of health approval to build the factory.
Marcyrl is committed to discover, research, develop and manufacture recently generic products and acquire new products to be manufactured under license from Multinational Companies at our facility.
                              Website: www.marcyrl.com/   


With half a century of experience and regional leadership in the pharmaceutical industry, MINAPHARM is constantly striving to provide innovative quality medicines and services to patients in developing countries so they, too, can get a timely benefit from the latest advances in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical research technologies. To achieve its mission and strategic goals, MINAPHARM exploits a robust research and development platform combined with strategic multi-alliances involving industry players at the forefront of the latest pharmaceutical technologies, marketing and management techniques.  

Merz Pharmaceuticals

As a leading German pharmaceutical company with its own fundamental research and development, Merz contributes to the prevention and cure of disease by concentrating on the development of innovative drugs. This is how Merz assumes responsibility for good health. Merz Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical company specializing in the research and marketing of drugs for the treatment of neurological and psychiatric diseases. Merz is leading in the field of Alzheimer's research and developed the world's first drug for the treatment of moderate to severe stages of Alzheimer's disease. In the neurological sector, Merz also offers drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's, depression and dystonia. 
Website: www.merz.com/


AL Andalous Medical Company established in 2001 & it is shareholder Egyptian pharmaceutical company.  Al Andalous is driven by Total Quality Medication concept (to insure the highest customer values) by marketing of ( the most recent molecules) recent products with the highest customer values, by using the best source of raw material, manufactured according to the international quality standard through the most advanced equipment under the umbrella of proper pricing. 


Several years ago, with a small group of people armed with hopes and dreams, ACAPI started what became a fully integrated powerful and dynamic pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of health care products In Egypt.


Pharo-Pharma is one of the unique pharmaceutical Egyptian companies, known by providing a group of best qualified pharmaceutical products.

Pixel Pharmaceuticals

One of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, known by providing a wide variety of products including also cosmeceutical.

International Company for Medical Necessities
ICO® is a Family business established in 2004 to produce medical supplies, located in Upper Egypt (Asyut city), 350 km South from Cairo. Choice of the location has a significance. According to governmental statistics, Elzaraby “the plant location” is the poorest village in Egypt with the highest unemployment rates. Operating in Elzaraby will contribute economically and socially to the surrounding environment and enhance the lives of people.

national Egyptian Pharma company established by a determined group of partners to be a unique business in Egypt.
After a 4 year ride in the legislative and the licensing process, we are successful in acquiring distinguished talents at several levels to derive and deliver organizational KPIs.
Together with more than 50 molecules cued up in the pipelines 30 molecules were launched successfully since 2011.
Under the lead of distinguishable CEO Dr. Gamal Elleithy we have developed a management team worthy of working and handling such a massive project as FPi.
We are not solely emphasizing the financial objectives; we are equally determined to establish a unique business culture and future code of conduct through our core values.