About us

 About us 
MATHELY trading is a pharmaceutical trading company established since 1996 by Dr. Emil Mityas Elyas.

Mathely is one of the fastest growing companies in Sudan where the CAGR of 33% over the past five years. Mathelyis driven by the strategic thinking and a group of 100 talented and loyal team members to make our vision come true. 
Mathely offers all types of pharmaceutical products starting from life-saving drugs to pharmaceutical products, over the counter drugs, food supplements,herbal products and Cosmetics and recently we started line of paramedical products. 
Mathely Imports and distributes a total number of 89pharmaceutical products and an Agent of more than 12pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make Sudan a better place to live in; this is by filling the gap found in the pharmaceuticals supply and pharmaceuticals production and health care services by 2020.

Mathely other activities:

1- Partnership in EVA SMART pharmaceutical factory in Sudan 
2- Major shareholder in Mityas for Distribution in Sudan.